Wed, May 25th, 12:44 am

Why Use a Professional Web Developer

Here's a very good question. Why would you want to use a professional web developer? You could get the kid down the street who knows something about the web, or you could even learn enough about html to do it yourself. Learning how to make a basic web page is not hard, or all the time consuming. So why use a professional if it is pretty simple?

Lack of Time

Well one reason might be time. It does take time to learn how to do it. This might be something that might take you a couple of days to figure out or several months. You then have to answer the question do you have the time to learn it and develop the site so it looks professional, and functional.

Layout Problems

Professionals have worked out the solutions to most of the technical problems that a developer will have to face when developing a new site. They understand the different technologies, and have done enough research to know what a site needs to work and look professional. They know how to develop the graphics and style so it has the look you will be happy with.

Lack of Cool Graphics and Tools

As it is true you don't need to use nifty programs to make and design your web site, it just makes it easier to do. Professionals should have the tools they need to develop the web site quickly and efficiently. They know where to find all the great graphics you see everywhere, and how to design them so the graphics fit your site. They also would have learned how to use them, which again brings us back to time. There is also the cost of trying to buy the tools you need to develop the site the way you like.

Your Choice

As with every thing you make your own choices. Research who you want, and if you wish you can read my article about Choosing a Professional. You want to make sure who you hire will do the job you want. Good luck.

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