Sun, June 26th, 04:44 am

Why Does My Business Need A Web Site?

This is one of the most pressing questions any one could ask if they are considering developing a web site for their business. Everyday you hear all the hype about how your business is being left behind by not having a site, or how the Internet can help your business grow like it has never before. As well, about once a year, a report will come out about how many Canadian companies do not have web sites, and this is reported as a negative activity. There are so many important questions about why to develop a web site, and yet if you ask a web developer they might give you a bunch of reasons but still not seem to make it important and fundamental to the operations of your business.

This topic is technical and complicated. There are so many great reasons why anyone should get a web site, but unless you understand how a web site can coordinate all the other operations of your company it still seems like a frivolous, unimportant investment. All the wonderful reasons that anyone could come up with won't make a big difference without understanding how fundamentally it can change the way you do business.

This set of articles will look at the way a web site can fundamentally change the way a company can business. This applies to the small companies who develop lovely brochure sites, to a fully developed ecommerce solution that integrates billings and accounting systems and coordinates sales staff from all over the world.

And yes. We will cover excellent reasons why anyone should need a web site.

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